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Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate for the Online Course Creation Summit!
We have some really exciting things planned for this summit and are excited to have you join us in helping us reach a larger audience.

Please take a moment to read this page thoroughly BEFORE signing-up to make sure we’re all on the same page.

NOTE: Although this is a public page, please refrain from sharing it on social media or with large groups of people. This affiliate program is intended to be “invite only.” That said, if your friend gave you a link to this page, that’s cool. Welcome!

Devin Slavin
Online Course Creation Summit Host

About the Online Course Creation Summit

The Online Course Creation Summit is a virtual conference where I will be interviewing successful online entrepreneurs and course experts on how to design, build, and launch online courses.


This virtual summit will take place on June 6-17, 2016.

OCCS Affiliate Opportunity

The Online Course Creation Summit will provide you with many opportunities to provide value for your audience and earn money for yourself.

The summit itself will have a free component - where each presentation will be available to watch for 48 hrs. upon it’s release.

An “All-access Pass” will be offered for $97 during the summit and then increase to $297 afterward.

NEW PRICE-POINT ADDED: We will now be offering a $67 One-time-only purchase option at optin. This has been tested to receive the highest amount of paid conversions. Promote and watch your inbox for immediate purchase!

If you become an affiliate, you will earn 50% commission on any of your leads that purchase the all-access pass. A

fter the summit is complete, we will be launching a new program related to creating an online course (exact details TBD) which will be between a $497-$997 price-point - potentially with even higher options. This commission level will be set at 40% commission.

Last, you can also earn by becoming a “Tier 2” by signing up other affiliates under you. At this level, you will earn 10% on any of your friend’s Tier 1 sales - without taking away from them. That’s right! You could theoretically bring in a ton of affiliates under you and win big!

Promotional Opportunities

Really, your opportunities for promoting the Online Course Creation Summit are limitless, but here are a few suggestions to help provide value for your audience and earn you commissions:

  • Pre-launch Podcast episode on your show or Blab to your audience
  • Pre-launch blog post on your blog/website
  • Promote summit to your email list
  • Promote summit via social media
  • Help us find other promotional partners and get 10% on sales that come in through them (See Tier 2 below.)

Commission Summary

All-Access Pass Before or During Summit

Price: $97

Commission Tier 1: 50%

Commission Tier 2: 10%

All-Access Pass After The Summit

Price: $297

Commission Tier 1: 50%

Commission Tier 2: 10%

Course Upsell After Summit (To Be Determined)

Price: $497-$997+

Commission Tier 1: 40%

Commission Tier 2: 10%

Bring In Other Affiliates An Earn % From Their Sales!

Tier 2: You will receive 10% of all sales of anyone you bring in directly "under" you!

(Without affecting what they receive.)

Key Dates for the OCC Summit

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Promotion Window Begins



Summit Goes Live



Summit Ends



Upsell Promo Begins


We will be providing you with email scripts and social media share scripts/images to make it super simple for you to promote!

Terms & Conditions

  • Commissions on the All-Access pass are 50% of net sales. (gross sales – refunds = net sales)
  • Commissions on upsell after the summit 40% of net sales. (gross sales – refunds = net sales)
  • Commissions will be paid out every 30 days after a sale is made. This allows for any refunds to be processed.
  • Your cookie is good for life, so you will continue to earn commissions long after the event is over.
  • Your affiliate link & swipe copy will be sent to you via email.
  • Don’t promote using shady tactics.
  • Don’t participate in tactics like cookie stuffing, cash incentives, spamming, etc.
  • Don’t offer prizes or incentives people have to pay for.
  • Don’t portray yourself as me or the Summit via social media or on websites. Make it clear you’re a partner / affiliate / participant.
  • Any of these will get you disqualified from earning affiliate income and get you removed as a partner. Always do good, honest business.

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