Your Health is Wealth: Key Practices for Epic Energy & Vitality Throughout Your Course launch with Nicole Keating

About This OCCS Speaker:

Nicole Keating is the creator and voice of The Art of Epic Wellness Podcast. She is dedicated to helping change-makers, epic entrepreneurs, and conscious creatives learn how keep the wheels on the bus so they can bring the world their highest gifts.

She wants all of us to experience sustainable entrepreneurship, abundant connectedness, and a deeply fulfilling joyful life, NOW not LATER!

Nicole runs a mentorship the epic biz mastermind, an online course specifically for entrepreneurs called the Epic Wellness Academy, she’s a speaker, facilitator, and also a professional fine artist. She works with paint and fractured glass to create visual manifestation of what's possible otherwise know as our "peak state"

She considers herself a lifestyle artist and is always enjoying the journey of creation.


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